Decoded: your cat’s night time athletics

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Bedtime for you doesn’t always mean bedtime for your cat. Cats are naturally nocturnal, so just as we are about to hit the hay, they are ready to come alive.

Cats tend to do much of their napping during the day, sleeping for as long as four to five hours at one time – and this may be repeated throughout the day (what a life). As a result, being active at night and exploring your furniture (and curtains) is perfectly natural. This kind of behaviour doesn’t mean your cat is ‘acting out’ or deliberately trying to deprive you of sleep – he’s just being a cat.

However, if this behaviour is disruptive or destructive to the home (and your happiness), there are some steps you can take to bring their natural rhythm more in line with your own.

Get active

One of the things you can do is make sure your cat is more active during the day. Engaging toys, scratching posts, and outdoor spaces provide a world of possibilities for your cat to get active.

Alternatively, spend some time engaging in purposeful play with your cat after supper, just before bed – as this will help them release some of that pent up energy and exercise their brain and body. The best case scenario is to try mimic your cat’s natural cycle – which is to eat, clean themselves and then sleep. As a result, it’s also important not to feed your cat too late, as this will give them the extra boost of energy that sees them running around while you try to get some sleep.

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