How to transition your cat to new food

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We’re thrilled to have launched Pamper Dry food in-store, and we can’t wait for your cat to try it (that’s if they haven’t got their paws on it already). However, whoever said change is as good as a holiday, never tried to change a cat’s dietary habits.

We know how fussy cats can be and how sensitive they are to the slightest changes in their routine. That’s why the experts at Martin&Martin have been working around the clock to ensure a smooth transition as changes to Pamper in-store.

With a new locally-based manufacturing process, we have made every effort to try and match the dry food flavour profile as closely as possible along with some necessary tweaks to the recipe. This is all to ensure your cat stays happy, healthy and falls in love with the new food.

Here’s are our tips on how to make the transition from Friskies to Pamper as smooth as possible for your fussy feline:

Take it slow – change can take time

A gradual transition will make things easier for your cat. Over a seven-day period, slowly decrease the amount of Friskies food in their bowl while increasing the amount of Pamper. The first day should be purely Friskies, and then the second day, mix in a little bit of Pamper into their bowl. By day four and five, the products should be in similar quantities, and by the end of the week, your cat should be feeling comfortable eating a full bowl of Pamper.

Get hands on with the transition

Consider hand-feeding your cat some Pamper dry food, at least initially.

Cats are likely to trust what you feed them directly, so whoever is doing the hand-feeding must have a good relationship with your cat. Be careful not to feed your cat too much at a time, as the sheer amount can be a turn off. The process may take some time for fussy eaters, but it will be worth it.

Worrying about your cat’s favourite Friskies pouches? Don’t. The recipe is staying exactly the same and the only thing changing is the name on the packaging 😉

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