Whether it’s an open suitcase, an old box, your brand new black shirt or your open laptop, cats seem to have a habit of sitting in or on whatever they can find.

Why does my cat like to sit inside things?

It’s all down to basic instincts. Most cats are looking for somewhere to hide when they sit in things. While your little house cat may never have experienced the wild, they are responding to a species-specific desire to see their environment and potential prey, without being seen.

Think inside the box

Allowing your cat to find new places to sit actually enhances their enjoyment of their home life. There’s no need to invest in expensive ‘cat caves’ – any old box will do. Even better – hide a toy in the box for your cat to find.

What about electronics?

This one has nothing to do with animal instincts. Instead, cats often sit on electronics like laptops, gaming consoles and keyboards for their warmth (just like the hood of your car). For some cats, it’s also about the images on the screen, which they find stimulating – even though they don’t receive the image and information in the same way humans do.

If you cat sits on an electronic device you’re busy using, that’s less about the warmth and more about getting your attention. Make sure there are no dangling or exposed wires (and definitely don’t let them bit into them) so there’s no danger of your cat hurting themselves.

As for them sitting on your clothes… invest in a lint roller.

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