Keep your cat’s teeth looking purrfect

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We all know cats like to take the lead on keeping themselves clean, but that’s not always the case when it comes to their teeth. Like humans, cats have very sensitive mouths, and looking after oral health is very important to their overall well-being.

Diet plays a big role in the health of your cat’s teeth. Dry, crunchy foods like Pamper dry food help to keep their teeth clean. While your cat is chewing, the particles and friction from the dry food scrape against the surface of the teeth – just like a human’s toothbrush.

Something’s fishy…

While dry food takes care of every day dental health, there are some signs your cat may need a little extra help. While it’s normal for your cat to have slightly fishy-smelling breath, seriously foul breath is cause for concern. Another red flag is any evidence of drooling. While this is reasonably common in dogs, in cats it can indicate a gum ailment.

Regular cleaning

One of the ways to prevent problems with oral health is to take more regular care of your cat’s teeth. It’s important to get your cat into the habit of having their teeth cleaned from when they are kittens, as older cats can be particularly resistant (to put it lightly).

Ideally, cats should have their teeth cleaned twice-weekly to help prevent dangerous and painful dental diseases. It also ensures any small issues don’t become serious because they’ve been left unattended.

Get started

The best place to start is to consult your vet and ask for a demonstration on how to clean your cats’ teeth safely. If your cat resists, hisses or bites when you attempt to clean their pearly whites, it is best to schedule in regular sessions with the vet and leave it to the professionals.

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