You’ve probably noticed our transition from FRISKIES to PAMPER on the shelves in store. Should you be concerned? No. Should you be excited? Definitely. And we’re sure your cats will be too.

So, why the name change?

FRISKIES has recently joined the MARTIN&MARTIN brand stable, and as a result, it now forms part of the growing PAMPER range of cat food products. We were in fact forced to change from FRISKIES to PAMPER due to not being able to import the product because of new regulatory requirements by the South African government.

While this chapter comes with some changes, it also comes with a host of benefits.

What this means for the dry food range

Our dry food product is now 100% locally sourced, manufactured and distributed. FRISKIES dry food was previously imported into South Africa from the United States. Now, as PAMPER dry food, we have much more control over the process that goes into making the food for local kitty consumers.

This has however meant that the dry food recipe and manufacturing process has changed a little – which is why you may notice slight changes in color and texture, and your cat may need a little time to get used to the new South African flavor.

What’s changed?

In South Africa, we have slightly different manufacturing processes to our American counterparts. The maize varieties available are also different and have an impact on the final product. The local varieties which were carefully chosen to ensure consistency in nutritional value and quality – without impacting price.

MARTIN&MARTIN and PAMPER have taken every detail into account and worked with various experts to match the flavor profile of the new dry food as closely as possible to the old FRISKIES product. The new food has undergone stringent testing – and taste-testing by a large number of cats – and an expert vet was consulted to ensure it’s as nutritional and flavorful as ever.

What about wet food?

FRISKIES wet food pouches have always been produced in South Africa, so this recipe has stayed exactly the same. The only change you’ll be seeing in store is the new name on the packaging.

One of the best parts of FRICKIES joining the PAMPER family is the availability of the classic PAMPER canned food product, which has been a favorite with South African cats for years. So the range of options available to your cat within the PAMPER brand has now just expanded.

What does this mean for my pocket?

The PAMPER transition has been focused on providing the best product for Friskies fans, and we have made sure that the price has not changed. We are focused on providing the best quality range of products, which are purrfect for pet and owner alike.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Simply visit our contact page to share any queries, compliments or concerns.


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